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Corona virus and Preston

Novel corona virus symptoms

Why are we worried about the virus?

There is much interest and concern about the 2019-Corona virus that has arisen from Wuhan in southern China, what are the essentials about corona virus information for Preston? Doctors are concerned because unlike a influenza or common cold virus, our immune systems have never been exposed to this corona virus type and so we have no natural immunity. This combined with the virus seeming to be quite infectious (easily spread) and virulent (causes significant disease when it does attack) explain the concern among infectious disease specialists.

What does this mean for Preston?

There are impacts on travel that have just been announced, impacts on school and university for people who have been to Wuhan or people who have been in contact with a corona virus case.

But what does all this mean for Preston? Currently there are only four cases in Victoria so this infection although significant is very rare and you are much more likely to contract influenza, the common cold, or even measles and chicken pox that corona virus.

We do need to watchful however and at Preston Family Medical we are following the Victorian Health Department guidelines. For people who have recently traveled to China and have fevers or may be a contact, this is the current advice:

Vic Health Department advice about corona virus
This is the current Vic Health Department advice about corona virus

As the current advice states, do call ahead if you require assessment. This will ensure we can ask you about travel and either organise for you to be seen at hospital or for us to see you but in a way that protects our staff and other patients.

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