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Preston Family Medical and Plenty Radiology

Plenty Radiology is a new radiology clinic for Preston and northern Melbourne

A new radiology clinic for Preston

Plenty Radiology is a new clinic offering x-rays and ultrasounds for Preston. Preston Family Medical and Plenty Radiology are both new clinics, opening at the end of 2019.

Services offered at Plenty Radiology

At Plenty Radiology they offer plain x-ray – this is the sort that is used for looking for fractures or arthritis of joints, chest x-rays for pneumonia or rib fractures. They also offer ultrasound, used for pregnancy related scans and soft tissue and organs – liver, gallbladder, kidneys, thyroid.

A great location on Bell Street

Plenty Radiology Preston

The great thing for Preston Family Medical patients is that Plenty Radiology is only 90metres away, having opened just down Bell street from us, heading down the hill from Preston Family Medical towards the Bell Railway Station, on the south side of Bell Street.

Plenty Radiology is a bulk billing radiology clinic

This means that for all patients with an Australian Medicare card attending, the entire fee will be paid by the patients Medicare rebate. This includes the plain x-ray and ultrasound images. There may be some isolated times when this is not the case – you don’t hold a medicare card, Worksafe or TAC related scans, pregnancy scans above the rebated three scans but this can be discussed with Plenty Radiology.

Images then get returned to Preston Family Medical for follow up

After your x-ray or ultrasound assessment at Plenty Radiology, the images are reviewed by a radiologist (a doctor with a specialty in reading images) and a report forwarded to us at Preston Family Medical. We then can go through the findings of these images with you.

Preston Family Medical will keep working with local businesses

Over the next few months we will continue to talk to some of the local businesses that we work with every day – pharmacies, physiotherapy, podiatry – so stay tuned and we’ll keep talking about how we can work together to support your well being.

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