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Fluvax for 2020 at Preston Family Medical

Fluvax for 2020 is now available at Preston Family Medical. There is strong advice for everyone eligible to have the influenza vaccination, more so in these Covid19 times. Not because the influenza vaccine protects against Covid19 but because the fluvax lowers your chance of being in hospital with influenza and then exposed to Covid19 and lowers your risk of co-infection: having both influenza and Covid19 at the same time.

vaxigrip fluvax 2020
The government funded fluvax for children aged 6months to 5 years

Government funded fluvax

In Victoria we hold in stock the government funded fluvax for:

  • pregnant women (at any stage of pregnancy)
  • people age 65 and older
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 6months and over
  • people aged 6months to less than 5 years
  • people aged 6months and over with medical conditions putting htem at increased risk of server influenza and its complications.

For all other people the fluvax is a private item that we have in stock and have at a $20 fee with the consultation and providing the fluvax bulk billed.

Fluad fluvax 2020 for people over 65years
The Fluad fluvax for people over 65 years

Call to book for fluvax

Due to the Covid19 situation we are booking the fluvax clinics slowly and safely to minimise the number of people in the waiting room at one time. As a result we will book you manually and not through the HotDoc online booking system we use for regular consultations.

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