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Stage 4 lock down is tough!

Well Stage 4 lock down is pretty tough isn’t it!
Preston Family Medical remains open, normal hours, six days a week. We are seeing everyone via telehealth initially then assessing need and safety for coming into the practice for face-to-face consultation if needed.
We are need to offer face to face consultations for childhood immunisation, urgent procedures (skin cancers, abscess, wounds) and some examinations. Most other care can be provided very well via telephone or video telehealth.
Under the current stimulus package, all telehealth consultations are bulk billed so there is no gap payment for telehealth consultations.

We would also like to welcome Dr Vivien Lowe to the practice who has joined during this difficult time! Dr Lowe has been working in Sunbury and we feel will fit in very well to our practice. Dr Lowe has interests in sexual health, chronic disease care and general consulting.

An interesting hobby is Morris dancing – maybe a medical theme as my neurology lecturer at university enjoyed this as well!

Dr Simon Wilson

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