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a picture of a household iron
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Not that sort of iron!

An iron infusion can rapidly top up iron in the body to avoid anaemia – a low red blood cell count. At Preston Family Medical we provide our patients with iron infusions, a procedure that was previously only done in hospitals. With a new type of injectable iron, it is much easier and safer to provide iron infusions in general practice. Not everyone should have an infusion of course and not all types of fatigue will be improved by an iron infusion but they can be helpful for some patients. Iron tablets or liquids are a much better option and you should give these a really good try before considering iron infusion. There are risks of allergy and skin staining so we will discuss risks versus benefits of iron infusion with you. We also need to help you understand why you are iron deficient which may mean looking at your diet, any blood loss or the body’s ability to make new blood cells. There is a gap payment for iron infusions.

written by Dr Simon Wilson