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For Individuals

As well as standard GP consulting for life’s little accidents, coughs and colds, Preston Family Medical provide a broader range of services that some clinics do not – iron infusion, skin cancer excision, ingrown toenail treatment, IUD (mirena, Copper Coil) placement, Medical Termination of Pregnancy and Vasectomy

Pre-pregnancy, fertility care

Most things go better with a plan – we are comfortable with discussing pre-pregnancy plans and assessing men and women for any health assessment and lifestyle advice before a planned pregnancy.  We can provide advice about fertility, initial investigation and tie you in with a specialist for fertility investigation if required.


We are ready to advise, guide and help you provide the required immunisations for your children in the standard chilhood immunisation schedule.  We can also provide information about immunisations that may be suggested but are not currently in the schedule such as meningococcal B.  We also provide adult vaccination for travel and work protection

Mental Health

Life is tough when you feel that you can’t relax or can’t get happy.  We take mental health seriously and would like to be a partner to support you with supportive counseling, medication if appropriate or referral on the network of psychologists and psychiatrists we work with.


Two of our doctors – Michelle Leadston and Catherine Keaney, have specific training and skills around laser and needle acupuncture.  Book with either of this doctors to discuss how acupuncture may help you

For Employers

Preston Family Medical has been providing Work Cover and pre-employment medical examinations for local businesses for decades.  Please talk to us about how we can help your business stay healthy.  Workplace vaccination programs are not eligible for a Medicare rebate

Workplace immunisation

Preston Family Medical has been providing workplace immunisation for the flu vaccine for many years in our local area.  Talk to our practice manager if you would like to consider this for your business, often in May-June each year

Employment Medical Examinations

We provide pre-employment medical examinations for several local Preston businesses.  This can include examination, drug and alcohol screening and referral for any special tests such as chest x-ray for workers exposed to stone dusts

Workplace injury and Worksafe VIC

After a workplace injury, we can help with assessment, investigation and creation of treatment plan to help get your worker back to work.  Preston Family Medical works with all workplace insurers – Allianz, Gallagher-Bassett, X-Changing and ComCare.  We provide clear plans to help motivate and return workers to appropriate activity, often in teams with allied health and rehabilitation workers.