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Covid 19 Update 25th March 2020

  • Efforts at social distancing continue. We are open and seeing patients at the clinic but mostly offering telephone or video consultations where appropriate.  Consider waiting for non-urgent consultations like skin checks, heart checks
  • Time critical consultations like childhood vaccinations, unplanned pregnancy consultations, injuries and wounds are still all going ahead.
  • Workcover and TAC consultations are still going ahead – mostly with telehealth now this has been given the green light by Worksafe and TAC
  • We have telehealth options for people who are unwell, reception will first discuss with your then the doctor will ask about travel and symptoms. The doctor will then advise you how to manage at home or when is a good time to present to the clinic for appropriate examination or to attend a Covid19 testing clinic.  Most viral illnesses can be managed well at home.
  • We have some +65 year fluvax currently and are offering them in the clinic if we need to see you for something else.
  • We are planning for flu clinics for other groups as we go along. Watch this space

It is important you have access to trustworthy information. We suggest:

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Some good news:

See the graph below from the Guardian/Grattan, our National curve is not as steep as some countries that have many more cases and 20days in from 50cases we have less cases that other countries like Italy, the UK or US.  We can control this – we just need to self isolate!

In the second picture the data for Victoria shows a drop in the daily cases, the last bar is yesterday the 24th with 56 cases, the 23rd with 47cases and a high of  79cases found on the 22nd. Lets keep this trending down!!

This graph is from the Guardian 23/3/20
This graph is from Vic Health 25th March

Covid 19 Update 18th March 2020

  • Preston Family Medical is moving to social distancing (healthy separation)  to reduce the spread of Covid19 to patients, doctors and staff. We are trying to avoid large numbers of people in our waiting room.  We want to keep all of our lovely patients safe and continue to care for you and your families for many years to come.
  • We are moving to more telehealth via the telephone or video. Currently this is about half of our consultations. This has meant many people are able to still consult the doctor but remain at home and it reduces the numbers of people in the waiting room.  This goes with a government medicare rebate for some people for this telehealth. More below.


  • We will be temporarily ceasing some procedures and health checks.  We continue with skin cancer procedures, vasectomy, unplanned pregnancy, IUD/Mirena review as these are single person and the rooms can be cleaned well between patients.


  • Dr Cath Keaney is still able to offer acupuncture but Dr Michelle Leadston regrets that she is not.
  • We are not able to assess patients who have flu-like symptoms in the clinic itself, but we will be continuing these consultations by offering existing patients telehealth( phone)  or video consultations where possible. The doctor will triage you and advise you how to manage at home or when is a good time to present to the clinic for appropriate examination or to attend hospital.  Most viral illnesses can be managed well at home.
  • We will be offering home visits for flu vaccinations for our patients who are 65years old + when the flu vaccinations are available.
  • We hope to offer flu vaccination clinics to our other patients when they are available.

It is important you have access to trustworthy information. We suggest:

Stay in touch:

Some good news:

100 000 new tests that can check for COVID19 in 3 hours are on their way to Australia

Scientists at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Research Institute in Seattle delivered the first rounds of a potential coronavirus vaccine to several dozen optimistic volunteers earlier this week.

At the University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research, scientists have found that two different medications—both of which are registered and available in Australia—have completely wiped out traces of the disease in test tubes. They have been successful in treating Coronavirus with combination of drugs used: Lopinavir, Retonovir, Oseltamivir along with chloroquine. They are going to suggest same medicine, globally

Due to effective social distancing  and quarantine, South Korea has seen a significant flattening of the rate of new cases



This is a self-assessment flowchart from the Vic Dept Health 13th March

Covid 19 Update 11th March 2020

Preston Family Medical is tackling the serious challenge of Covid19 with these approaches:

  • Providing Providing information for keeping yourself, friends and family safe.
  • If you are unwell, call ahead to discuss if you should attend at all, present to hospital or remain at home for self care.  Most people do not require testing.
  • Telehealth via telephone and soon video to allow consultations without coming into the practice. This will allow the creation of sick certificates, referral letters, prescriptions and pathology forms without you having to come into the clinic.
  • Information about local resources – the Austin Covid19 testing centre and fever clinic information when this becomes available.


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